About me


I am new lecturer for the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London, and contributor to the (developing) Human Connectome Projects. My research focuses on the development of computational methods for brain imaging analysis,  and covers a wide range of machine learning and computer vision research topics. Most notably, my software for cortical surface registration (Multimodal Surface Matching, MSM) has been central to the development of  of the HCP’s “Multi-modal parcellation of the Human Cortex “ (Glasser et al, Nature 2016), and has featured as a central tenet in the HCP’s paradigm for neuroimage analysis (Glasser et al, Nature NeuroScience 2016). This work has been widely reported in the media including Wired, Scientific American, and Wall Street Journal). My interviews and public pieces have been featured on the BBC, labnews, Level Up Human podcast, Imperial Press office and KCW news.

 MSM has been released in the most recent version of FSL and an experimental version with advanced features is also available Software.